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Welcome to our site!!! You have taken your first step in what can be a wonderful adventure for you, your family, and your dog.  I have had various dogs, both purebred and mixed, for as long as I can remember.  My wife and I currently have three Newfoundlands, Elliott, Oliver and Charlie, all rescues.  Elliott and Oliver have their CGC titles, with Elliott also being a therapy dog/certified test dog and Oliver certified as a Search and Rescue dog.  Charlie is our latest rescue and we are working hard towards his CGC certification.      So, as you can see, dogs and working with dogs are a true passion of mine.  With that in mind, in 2004 I also became involved with a K-9 Search and Rescue group with my first Newfie, Maggie Mae; which lead me to an even greater desire to learn and to teach others.  Not long after that, I began teaching various classes including:



Since that time, I have taught over 3500 classes with a total of over 8800 students.  I am a certified Red Cross K-9 First Aid instructor; I am certified by the American Kennel Club to teach and test for the STAR Puppy and Canine Good Citizen programs; I am certified by Bright and Beautiful to teach and test for their Therapy classes, by NASAR as a SARTECH III in Search and Rescue and I hold FEMA 101 and 201 certifications.  I truly love what I do and want to make dog ownership a pleasure, not a chore, for everyone.  Take a look at my classes and give me a call or drop me an email and we can talk further.  

Remember, with Best Paws Forward, it's not about making money, its about making memories with you and your canine friend!

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