Dog First Aid

Dog First Aid

It is the middle of the night and you hear something that is just not right. You look for your dog and find that he/she is laboring to breath and cold to the touch. What do you do?????

This Red-Cross based K-9 first Aid class will teach you the basics you need to keep your dog alive until you can get professional help and assistance. A one day 3 hour course, this class teaches Bandaging techniques, Splinting methods, immediate First Aid for Burns and Frostbite and much much more. Also covered, with the aid of a Dog Mannequin, proper mouth to snout resuscitation, K-9 CPR and how to find and check for your dogs pulse. This is a MUST class for every dog owner! One price for the ENTIRE family! Included in the cost is both a take home Red-Cross issued Book AND step by step learning DVD for constant review.

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From some past students........


Want to give you a heads up. Ellen and I were able to use our dog first aid training to save a dog today. I can give you the details when I see you next, but the guy was so impressed by what we were able to do, and it wasn't that much, that he asked where we were trained. He said he would like to become trained so we gave him your organizations name.

So you maybe getting a call.


(Sept 1, 2011) Whitney said:


The K-9 first aid class was fantastic. Very informative and educational. Having owned dogs my entire life, I can't believe I waited this long to learn CPR for my canine children. What was I thinking? After taking your class, I am confident I will know exactly what to do in an emergency situation. Thank you for providing me with that invaluable peace of mind!

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