Completion of Advanced Obedience or CGC, or permission of the instructor for enrolling in the Therapy Dog Training Class

None for just taking the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Test

Class Fee: $100

The Therapy class is designed for students that, with their K-9 partners, wish to serve the community by providing companionship to the elderly, infirmed, or anyone else in need. Typical activities engaged in by a certified therapy dog include visiting Nursing Homes or Hospitals, visiting Libraries for book reading by children, or visiting Group Homes. Completion of this program will give the student National Certification from Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs of America. In addition, to help you in your new adventure in Therapy work, Best Paws Forward Therapy Dog Organization is here for you. Membership is FREE and will provide you with others like you interested in providing comfort to those in need.

Call for class time and schedules.