AKC Canine Good Citizen


Completion of Advanced Obedience or permission of the instructor

Class Fee:



In this class the dog and owner will be instructed in the 10 points required to pass the American Kennel Clubs Canine Good Citizen program.  The purpose of the CGC program is to both help the dog to bond closer to the owner as well as to insure that the dog and owner comprise a good team that can interact with the community in a non-aggressive manner.  Successful completion of the course entitles the team to receive National recognition from the AKC for their achievements. All classes are 3 weeks in length and meet once a week for 45 minutes at our main facility located at 7444 Ryan Road in Medina.  We hope to see you soon!!!!!   


Date shown is the START date for each class series.  Classes continue EACH week, same day and time, for three weeks.


Date   Time

Saturday June 8 1:00 PM

Sunday June 9 3:00 PM

Tuesday June 25 7:00 PM

Wednesday June 26 7:00 PM

Saturday August 17 9:00 AM

Saturday August 17       11:00 AM

Saturday August 17       12:00 PM

Sunday August 18 2:00 PM

Tuesday August 27 8:00 PM

Sunday September 15 4:00 PM

Saturday October 5 1:00 PM

Tuesday October 15 6:00 PM

Wednesday October 16 8:00 PM

Wednesday October 23 7:00 PM

Saturday October 26       10:00AM

Sunday November 17 3:00 PM