Rally O
Novice, None
Intermediate, Pass Novice
Advanced, Pass Intermediate
Rally Master, Permission of Instructor

Class Fee:
Rally-O, The fastest growing competition dog sport, teaches a series of 74 separate obedience commands.  the classes are divided by student skill level and are taught concurrently.  the class breakouts are as follows:

1. Novice. 42 commands taught all on lead.  Commands range from simple sit and downs to more complex weaves and returns.
2. Intermediate (formally know as Advanced). 23 commands are taught first on then off lead.  These commands build on the basic and require more focus from the dog to the handler.
3. Expert.  16 commands are taught first on then off lead.  These commands require the dog and handler to work not just in the heal position but also from distances up to 6 feet away.  
4. Master.  This is a NEW class for AKC as of November of 2017.  22 commands are taught that require the ultimate in verbal and non verbal communication and are by far the most challenging for dog and handler alike!
  All Classes are 6 weeks and meet once a week for 45 minutes at 7444 Ryan Road in Medina.  

 DateTime Status
Saturday January 113:00 PM FULL
Sunday January 125:00 PM FULL
Thursday January 95:00 PM FULL
Saturday February 223:00 PMFULL
Sunday February 235:00 PMFULL
Thursday February 275:00 PMFULL
Saturday May 93:00 PM 6 SPOTS OPEN 
Sunday May 105:00 PM 6 SPOTS OPEN 
Thursday May 285:00 PM 6 SPOTS OPEN 
Saturday June 203:00 PM6 SPOTS OPEN 
Sunday June 215:00 PM 6 SPOTS OPEN 
Thursday July 95:00 PM 6 SPOTS OPEN