Basic Obedience
Ages 6 months and up, or completion of the Puppy STAR program 

Class Fee:
$90 for Pound/Shelter/Rescue dogs or for Active Military/Reserve members.

In this first class of the obedience sequence, we will work on basic obedience commands as well as specific behavior issues that the owners have with their dogs.  Basic commands include Sit, Down, Stay, Stop and Come. All classes are 6 weeks in length and meet once a week for 45 minutes at our main facility located at 7444 Ryan Road in Medina.  We hope to see you soon!!!!!  

 If the class time you need is listed as FULL, email or call to be put on a waiting list and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you.

 Date Time  Status
Saturday January 1112:00 PM FULL
Saturday January 112:00 PM FULL
Sunday January 511:00 AM FULL
Sunday January 53:00 PM FULL
Tuesday January 76:00 PM FULL
Wednesday January 811:00 AM FULL
Wednesday January 87:00 PM FULL
Wednesday February 121:00 PM FULL 
Tuesday February 1811:00 AM FULL 
Saturday February 2211:00 AM FULL
Saturday February 221:00 PM FULL
Wednesday February 266:00 PM FULL
Saturday March 710:00 AM FULL 
Sunday March 82:00 PM FULL
Sunday March 8 4:00 PM FULL
Tuesday March 175:00 PM FULL
Tuesday March 176:00 PM          FULL 
Wednesday May 65:00 PM FULL 
Wednesday May 68:00 PM FULL 
Tuesday May 5 5:00 PM FULL
Tuesday May 56:00 PM FULL
Tuesday May 57:00 PMFULL
Tuesday June 21:00 PM 3 SPOTS OPEN 
Saturday May 309:00 AM FULL 
Saturday May 3012:00 PM2 SPOTS OPEN 
Saturday June 132:00 PM2 SPOTS OPEN 
Sunday May 2412:00 PM 5 SPOTS OPEN 
Sunday May 241:00 PM 2 SPOTS OPEN