Class Fee:

The agility classes are designed for both casual students that are just looking to have fun with their dog and the serious student that wishes to compete.  In the Basic level of this class, all seven events are taught including the Teeter, A-Frame, Tunnel, Tire, Weave, Table and Jump.  All seven basic Agility events are taught stressing technique and form as well as FUN!  All commands are taught and practiced on lead.

The advanced class starts to move the dogs off lead as well as introduces the Chute, Wall and Broad Jump.  In the expert level, all commands are run totally off lead.  

All Classes are 6 weeks and meet once a week for 45 minutes at 7444 Ryan Road in Medina.  

Date shown is the START date for each class series.  Classes continue EACH week, same day and time, for six weeks.

 DateTime Status
Saturday June 55:00 PM 1 Spot Open
Sunday June 136:00 PM FULL
Thursday May 275:00 PM 1 Spot Open
Thursday May 276:00 PM2 Spots Open
Thursday June 37:00 PM2 Spots Open
Thursday June 38:00 PMFULL 

Mocha's Agility Run


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